Hosted Exchange

Is collaboration and remote working an important part of your business?

More and more businesses rely on staff who are based at different locations, at home or on the move. This can make communication and teamwork difficult. But it doesn't have to be.

If you offer flexible and remote working, or you have team members out on the road, our hosted exchange solution could be just what you need.

Providing all the tools that will help your mobile workforce be considerably more effective, our Hosted Exchange service includes the ability to:

  • Access Microsoft email
  • Push email, contacts and calendars to your phone (iPhone, Android and Windows);
  • Share calendars, tasks, contacts and notes with your colleagues;
  • Set up resource calendars for meeting rooms and equipment
  • Integrate shared resources using bespoke permissions.

Hosted Exchange

This type of functionality was previously reserved for large companies who had the room and finances to have a physical Exchange server on their premises. Our Hosted Exchange offers a much more cost effective and environmentally friendly way of providing a fully collaborative and accessible working environment. You get all the benefit but none of the hassle and expense of having a physical exchange server in your office.

It's cheaper, easier to manage and more efficient.


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